About Me

I grew up in a small village South of the Alps in Switzerland and started playing golf at the age of 7.

Played for the Swiss National Amateur Team for a few years and then turned Professional at the age of 21.

I enjoyed the Tour from 1989 until 2001. I have taught golf ever since and learned a lot by further education within the Swiss PGA system and attending seminars around the world.

I have accepted in 2014 the challenge of restructuring the ASG (Swiss Golf Association) sport side and these days I do work for the Association as Sport Director. 


I love the game of golf and I do like to promote it. Lately I have got into the wonderful world of Hickory Golf and, using the skills learned along my career, I started restoring the old clubs (early 1900's) to put them back to playing condition.

One of my favored recreation is the Fly Fishing.